Eye Infections and Eye Injuries

Red eye? Infected eye? Scratched Eye? Call West Georgia Vision Center for a same day appointment and relief.  Dr. John Whitlow and Dr. Donna Whitlow will evaluate and treat your medical eye condition promptly and professionally. Relief begins with timely treatment and following the doctor's orders!

Unfortunately, accidents occur and our eyes can suffer. An eye abrasion, or scratched eye, is a painful condition; equally uncomfortable is a foreign body on the cornea. Our doctors are able to treat your injured eye, remove the foreign body if needed, and manage your discomfort. The sooner the therapy is begun, the better the response.

Conjunctivitis, many times called "pink eye", is a common condition, especially in children; it can be caused by a viral or bacterial infection or an allergic reaction. We are able to diagnose and treat the irritation or infection so that you can quickly resume normal activities.

As a reminder, the above conditions are medical diagnoses; office visits related to the diagnosis and treatment of these medical conditions are covered by your major medical insurance, not your vision plan. Our office participates in most major medical plans. Please call to confirm our participation in your major medical health plan.